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Thanks for your interest in advertising here. I’ve got rates for banner and tile ads, as well as rates for sponsoring a post. Shoot me an email: jackie at morgan macdougall dot com.

Note: While I would love to spread the word about every product and organization out there, needs to remain an honest and authentic resource. If there’s something I absolutely love and want to share, I will. But I am not able to help promote products/services and events I have not been to or know nothing about. However you are welcome to sponsor a post or buy an ad and I will advertise said company, clearly disclosing that it’s a sponsorship.

Giveaways: I’ve done a couple of giveaways here. I like doing them occasionally. The problem for me is that I then have to follow up and actually send things out, adding another “to do” to my never-ending list. I’d rather not tick readers off by taking weeks to ship. (But if someone wants to sponsor AND ship it out, I’m listening.) P.S. I will only do giveaways for products/services that personally appeal to me. While I can appreciate the latest invention in diaper pails, if it’s not something that would enrich my life (think saving time and/or money or adding quality), I don’t feel comfortable pushing it on my readers.

Reviews: Reviews are tricky. While you’re welcome to send me your product for me to try, I only write honest reviews. If the product leaves me with no real opinion, I won’t write about it. But I do like sharing things that I discover, whether they rock my world or waste my money. Products will not be returned.