Rolling Stone Cover: Take 2

I don’t know one person who thinks it’s okay for Rolling Stone to have featured that sad excuse for a human being on its cover. As I said this morning On Air with Ryan Seacrest, if Rolling Stone felt it necessary to show him (yes, I refuse to even give him power by mentioning him by name) on the cover, why not show him as the coward he is, hiding out in a parked boat in someone’s backyard? Or taken down by the brave, unstoppable force who moved in and took him into custody?

But an even better idea is to show the real strength in human beings… the heroes behind the terror that paralyzed a city. It’s the victims who have died and suffered, the family and friends who stand beside them, and the community of open arms and kind hearts who are not only still healing, but will forever be changed. THESE people (and so many more) are the worthy ones.

Let’s no longer share the hate and negativity featured on Rolling Stone’s cover but instead share the courage and strength of these inspiring people.
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Redirect: Broadscast Announces Premiere!



Morgan MacDougall Productions



Kim Goldman and Jackie Morgan MacDougall host the one-hour talk show

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 21, 2011 – Morgan MacDougall Productions and Rock Star Radio Network announce the premiere of Broadscast, an irreverent talk fest that looks at the world and the sometimes-infamous people who make their mark on it.

Hosted by Kim Goldman, two-time NY Times best selling author, public speaker, community leader and victim’s advocate and former TV exec-turned-Web guru, Jackie MacDougall, Broadscast takes a no-holds-barred approach to current events, pop culture, social issues and more.

With years of media experience both on camera and off, this dynamic duo will bring a refreshing twist to radio, offering a sassy, smart and insightful opinion; breaking barriers and broadening minds. “People seem more uptight these days. Kim and I not only talk about those issues that get people fired up but also remind listeners that life doesn’t have to be all that serious,” MacDougall said. “If we can open a few minds, entertain listeners and make ‘em laugh week after week, then we’re doing our job right.”

“I think people will be surprised at how ‘a-stereotypical’ Jackie and I both are,” Kim adds. “I am excited to share the other side of my personality that is often hidden behind some of the more serious topics I am usually talking about when in the public eye.”

Broadscast premieres November 28th on Toginet’s brand new Rock Star Radio Network, founded by Craig Duswalt. The brand new online network features top entrepreneur and celebrity talk shows from all over the world. With 3.5 million hits per month and over 175k podcast downloads, is the premiere on-line talk radio production company in the industry.

Produced by Morgan MacDougall Productions, Broadscast airs live Mondays at 12 noon EST on Rock Star Radio Network ( and available via podcast on iTunes.

“Broad Topics. Broad Minds.”

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Honor Your Veteran

On this Veterans Day, Americans around the world honor and remember those who have served our country and continue to do so. But for so many Americans, Veterans Day hits even closer to home. A veteran, to them,  is a friend… a family member… or another person close to the heart.

This post is dedicated to the veteran in your life and serves as an opportunity for you to honor them (maybe even yourself) in the comments. Let’s hear it, America!

NY Bans Dogs in Restaurants

I saw a conversation brewing on Facebook over this post over on Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan’s Website. It seems that health code inspectors are now all about enforcing regulations that ban non-service animals from bars and restaurants in New York City. Business owners are said to usually ignore the rules when customers brought in their furry friends … but no more!

More than a couple of commenters on the post are angered at the recent turn of events, one saying “Pets are also part of our family so they shouldn’t be banned as a law.”

I strongly disagree.

Sure, pets are part of the family. I know that I’m not the biggest animal lover out there but I can absolutely understand the love and adoration humans feel for their pets. They’re living beings with feelings and personalities and deserve respect and a spot in the family holiday card. In fact, we’ve got a couple of dogs of our own.

But while you may love your pet as much as your own mother, pets are not people. I don’t care if you dress it up, buy it a stroller and take out a life insurance policy, your dog should not be allowed inside a restaurant, unless it he/she is needed in order for you to live a productive life.


Because it’s unsanitary, for starters. I could go into the many reasons why but I think I make my point with just one: YOUR DOG EATS POOP. Not only that, but she also sniffs the butts of other dogs and doesn’t have the common courtesy to keep her nose out of my girlie parts when saying hello.

Your beloved pet has no place at the table, by the table or under the table. And what about the allergies of the unsuspecting, innocent people around your table? Are they not entitled to remain healthy while dining? My own child’s allergies could send him to the ICU with an asthma attack. Is it my job to drug him before dining out because you can’t leave Fido at home? It’s bad enough we spent a cross country flight on Virgin America staring at the back end of a Lhasa Apso while filling my son with medication… there’s no way we should have to do that in a restaurant.

For those who say their dog is better behaved than toddlers in a restaurant… okay. But a toddler is a human. And toddlers aren’t the problem, the problem is parents who think their kid is so darn cute when she squeals like a mouse or plays peek-a-boo with the next booth for 45 minutes straight. The kid needs some guidelines and to be removed if not behaving appropriately — that’s the price we pay as parents.

But back to the animals. Please, for the love of Benji, don’t mistake this post as an anti-animal message. But where’s the line here, people? We allow your precious pooch into a restaurant, what about those with cats? And you know there are the rat, hamster, snake, ferret, pot-bellied pig pet owners that will want equal rights. It’s a slippery slope here, people — one covered in pet hair, sneezes and butt-dragging remnants.

I vote NO to pets in bars and restaurants.

What say you?