Santa: Then and Now

Seems all of Lucy’s buddies from SLC have this pic from last year with Santa. I remembered seeing it and went back and dug it up to compare it to this year. I can’t believe how much has happened in such a short time and look forward to future Christmases with our little girl.

I know it sounds a bit odd if you’ve never been in this position but it’s just starting to sink in that this has really happened and that she’s here forever. Anyone else out there “get” that?

A Star Is Born

Three months after arriving home, Lucy has her first public performance. She and I are in a parent/tot class at the preschool and we were the opening act for the Christmas show the other night with a sweet rendition of “Chubby Little Snowman.” She’s been doing it at home ever since. And if you look closely, you can see at the end where she says “I did it.”

So proud of how far she’s come in such a short time.

Jingle Bored?

How much do I love the boys’ preschool that, even though they’re a year apart, they stand them near each other for the school Christmas show. While some may feel disappointed that Brady didn’t actually sing, if you look closely at his eyes … you can see Jingle Bells is in there and dying to come out.

And let me tell you, he belted it out all the way home.