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My personal mission statement: To use my unique professional and personal experience to entertain, inform and empower others. I have a strong passion for education, autism awareness, adoption and sharing my own experience being BRCA+, among others. Here’s how it all started…

While launching a parenting site for a major studio, I earned myself the name P.S. Jackie. Always one with a creative solution to problems small and large, I take pride in flipping issues on their side and finding solutions quick and simply. I’m a connector and self-proclaimed humorist (at least I make myself laugh) who grabs life by the horns while tickling its underbelly. You got a dilemma? There’s a good chance I can fix it. And if I can’t, I’ll reach into my bullpen of experts who can.

My love for connecting with people, as well as connecting people to each other, has turned my passion into my profession. is a place to talk candidly, laugh openly and not be afraid to tackle tough topics.

Thanks for stopping by. Leave a comment and let me know you’re here — your feedback and opinions (whether they’re right or not) are always welcome!

MY PERSONAL STORY… in a nut shell.

I was born the eleventh child in an Irish Catholic Boston-area family and tend to live every day like I’m still fighting for the last cookie. When I was three, my mother was taken much too soon after a short bout with breast cancer — an event that has not only defined who I am but shaped how I saw my own family from an early age. I was given a second chance when my father remarried (a former nun, I kid you not) and my ten siblings and I were legally adopted, eventually joined by two more siblings to complete our tiny family of 15.

Weeks before my 24th birthday, I drove cross country with $700 in my pocket and all of my belongings crammed into a compact car, looking to break into the television industry. After years of late nights — filled with both work and play — I discovered the ultimate surprise, I was in love with my best friend. We married, had two boys back-to-back and balanced life as a two-income family. But shortly after I gave birth to our second son, I discovered I carried the same genetic mutation as my mother, which gave me an 87% lifetime chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer (50% for ovarian). Not one to do anything half-way, a lump was found soon after.

Declining a surgical biopsy, I knew what had to be done in order to ensure my boys would grow up with me and not also suffer the devastating loss of their mother. With the unwavering support of family and friends, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy. (Note: the lump was not cancerous but pre-cancer was found in my other breast, which doctors said meant 1-5 years away from a breast cancer diagnosis.)

A year later, my husband and I made the decision to follow our hearts and adopt from Taiwan. After a exhausting and emotional journey, our daughter arrived home forever in September, 2008. You can read about our adoption journey here. is not just my personal blog about my life as a AAA mom (autism, asthma and adoption), but a place for you, my readers, to also find your voice and be heard.


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