Rolling Stone Cover: Take 2

I don’t know one person who thinks it’s okay for Rolling Stone to have featured that sad excuse for a human being on its cover. As I said this morning On Air with Ryan Seacrest, if Rolling Stone felt it necessary to show him (yes, I refuse to even give him power by mentioning him by name) on the cover, why not show him as the coward he is, hiding out in a parked boat in someone’s backyard? Or taken down by the brave, unstoppable force who moved in and took him into custody?

But an even better idea is to show the real strength in human beings… the heroes behind the terror that paralyzed a city. It’s the victims who have died and suffered, the family and friends who stand beside them, and the community of open arms and kind hearts who are not only still healing, but will forever be changed. THESE people (and so many more) are the worthy ones.

Let’s no longer share the hate and negativity featured on Rolling Stone’s cover but instead share the courage and strength of these inspiring people.
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Boston Marathon Bombing Victims: One Month Later

Marc FucarileIt was just one month ago today that the terrifying events in Boston began to unfold. Within days, one of the alleged suspects, Tamerlan Tsarnaev would be dead, his brother Dzhokhar captured and facing charges. But while law enforcement acted fast to bring the brothers to justice, victims of the bombing are at the beginning of a long road ahead. Here are a few of their stories.

[Photo left: Marc Fucarile receives handmade cards from his son, Gavin. Also pictured is his mother, Maureen.]

Marc Fucarile The father of 5-year-old Gavin remains hospitalized at Mass General Hospital. According to the page created by his sister, Stephanie, “His right leg has been amputated above the knee and he has first, second and third-degree burns on over half of his body. His left leg suffers from two fractures and shrapnel litters most of his body.” Marc has undergone several surgeries with more each week, but Marc’s strength and determination is evident in each update posted.  [Click here for updates and to make a donation]

J.P. and Paul Norden The brothers, and friends of Fucarile, both lost legs in the explosion. This week, they were finally reunited at Spaulding Rehabilitation Center and will be treated under the same roof. Paul’s longtime girlfriend, Jacqui Webb, was also injured in the attack. For updates and to make a donation, click here.

Celeste and Sydney Corcoran The mother/daughter team began their recovery side-by-side at Boston Medical Center. Celeste, who lost both legs, and Sydney have proven that family is the most important this, as evidenced by the banner reading “Corcoran Strong” hangs on the wall of Celeste and Sydney’s hospital room. [NPR]

Adrianne Haslet-Davis The professional dancer made as many headlines for her attitude as she did her injury. “I absolutely want to dance again and I also want to run the marathon next year,” said Haslet, who lost her left foot in the blast. “I will crawl across the finish line, literally crawl, if it means I finish it.” Haslet was also honored on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars” [ExtraTV]

Roseann Sdoia According to her GoFundMe page, Sdoia “was severely injured as a spectator at the Boston Marathon on 4/15/13. Roseann suffered serious injuries as a result of the explosions and has lost a leg above the knee. She has undergone several surgeries; first, to stabilize her and perform life saving measures and also to remove shrapnel from her abdomen. Surgery was required to remove a portion of a tree that became a projectile and seriously wounded her left leg. And most traumatic, the amputation of her right leg and burns covering portions of her body.

Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino spoke earlier today about the city’s resilience in the wake of the attacks.“I think the city went in strong, came out strong,” Menino said. “I think the city has reacted in the proper manner over the past month or so. I had dinner the other night for 130 of the survivors and it gave me strength to be with those families and individuals.”

To help support all of the victims in the Boston Marathon, visit One Boston Fund.

Do you know of other victims of the Boston Marathon who need our help? Please tell us about them (and include a link to their support page) in the comments.