When Typos Go Terribly Wrong

While looking for some info for a post about public restroom safety, I found some tips on my local sheriff department’s Website, meant to help parents talk to kids about stranger danger.

I’m sure massage offers several benefits, even to children, but I don’t suggest you have them request one from a stranger. Instead, have your kids take a message.

P.S. My local law enforcement truly rocks and should never, ever pull me over, just because I had fun at their expense. Just sayin’.

"Did God Make Himself?"

Do fish sleep?

Do bees have mouths?

These are just two questions that have sent me right to Google, having no clue what the right answer was. But some questions defy a search engine. Take last night’s philosophical table discussion…

“Did God Make Himself?”

There’s nothing like being stumped by a six year old. I asked him to let me think about it and then came back to him with what I thought was our family’s best answer. I’ll reveal that answer in a bit but I want to know…

What would you have said? Comment below but PLEASE keep it respectful. I love different views and encourage you to express them but won’t tolerate nasty comments on others’ views. 

Guess Who’s Back!

Back in March, I guess I surprised a few people when I took a little hiatus from The Silver Whining. I had reached a point where blogging about the daily goings on of the Mac clan not only felt like I was invading the space of my kids, but I seriously wondered who would be all that interested in our life anyway. Of course as I say that, other bloggers continue to make bank by sharing kid pooping stories and the never-ending struggle to get their unborn baby into the best preschool.

But not blogging, for me, is like cutting off a limb. I have way too many thoughts and opinions to keep to myself and, let’s face it, my friends and family don’t want to hear about it 24/7.

So I came up with a compromise.

I am re-committing to you, here. Not in the same way as before, but I think for some people (including me), it will be so much better. Sure, I’ll share some funny stories and a glimpse into my life, but The (new) Silver Whining isn’t about my kids. It’s about the topics I celebrate, struggle over and share among millions of other moms. It’s also a way to get feedback from you on issues and stories I may be writing for bigger sites. And finally, it’s a vehicle to feature all of the fun stuff I get to do as a freelance writer, consultant and on-air blabbermouth.

This isn’t an adoption blog. It’s not even a mommy blog. It’s a blog that will change from day to day, tackle topics that may be difficult to talk about and expand horizons, hopefully those of the readers as much as my own.

If you’re just stumbling on my blog, welcome. I hope you’ll stay awhile. And to TSW’s longtime followers… welcome back. I’ve missed you all.