Caught on Tape: The Elf on the Shelf Comes Alive

Keeping up with the Elf on the Shelf is hard enough before Christmas. But how many of us forget to take him down and send him back to Santa and the elves? One week after Christmas and our poor “Tiddlywinks” has been left hanging.

See what happens when our Elf on the Shelf gets fed up and takes matters into his own hands!

Do You Return Gifts from Your Own Kids?

not actual earrings

I’m one of the lucky ones. Every year, for my birthday, Christmas and Mother’s Day, my husband takes the kids out to pick out something special for mom. It’s actually one of my most favorite things, not because I get a gift out of it (although that does kind of rock), but I love how excited the little ones get and find it adorable (and a little hilarious) when I see what they choose as something Mommy must have.

My sweet 6-year-old always heads directly for the jewelry counter. Well, not the counter exactly but the area by the counter. Well not the area by the counter but the area behind that. You know, the place where the 17-year-old girls go to pick out those shiny jewelry-esque accessories, some of which are covered in feathers, colorful “stones,” beads or some combination of the three embellishments. With pride and as much gusto as my little man’s body can muster, he carefully, yet enthusiastically, makes his selection.

“These,” he chooses, with his dimpled grin and smiley eyes looking up at my husband as he hands the ear ornaments over, excited to wrap it up and present ’em to Mom.

Flash forward to Christmas morning when I unwrap the package and discover the youthful, bright blue, dangle earrings. “Put them on, Mom,” my proud son practically begs. Of course I do, because I’m not Joan Crawford here, people. I wear them all day and all night and watch my son’s face beam every time he looks at me.

But here’s the question. How often does one have to wear the jewelry in order to be considered a loving, supportive mom? Every week? Do you leave the house or wear them as your cleaning day best? Some moms admitted they somehow “misplace” the earrings after that Christmas day. That just doesn’t seem right to me.

Do you wear jewelry hand-picked by your little ones?