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Breast Cancer Awareness: THIS is Why I Share My Story

Just a few days ago, I wrote this on Huffington Post: Miss Tectomy: How Losing My Breasts Made Me Feel Beautiful

Photo By Renee Bowen Photography

Since then, I have read hundreds of comments… received private messages… and heard others’ personal stories. But there’s one message I got this morning that is a perfect example of why I expose (literally and figuratively) my story, hoping my experience can possibly help others.

“I only met you once and you told me your story. In April, my mom called and told me she had a bad mammogram, and a week later, she found out it was cancer. The doctor suggested a lumpectomy which may, or may not, require chemo and radiation. She asked me what I would do.

I had been thinking about it non stop since she told me about the mammogram. I told her I would get rid of them, take them off and throw a party. She was silent for a couple of seconds and said, “Yes, that is what I want to do.” I worried that I gave her a bad idea, I worried she wouldn’t survive the surgery.

She did make it through. And she was told a week later that the other breast, the one that did not show up on a mammogram, had a different cancer. Her doctor said it was the most aggressive, difficult-to-treat cancer a woman can get. He told her she did not have to have any chemo or radiation.

I believe, had I not have met you, I would not have told my mom what I did and I doubt she would have made the decision she did. So not only do I thank you, but I think Miss Tectomy should become the new pink ribbon.”

THIS, my friends, makes posing topless so worthwhile. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude.

Redirect: Broadscast Announces Premiere!



Morgan MacDougall Productions



Kim Goldman and Jackie Morgan MacDougall host the one-hour talk show

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 21, 2011 – Morgan MacDougall Productions and Rock Star Radio Network announce the premiere of Broadscast, an irreverent talk fest that looks at the world and the sometimes-infamous people who make their mark on it.

Hosted by Kim Goldman, two-time NY Times best selling author, public speaker, community leader and victim’s advocate and former TV exec-turned-Web guru, Jackie MacDougall, Broadscast takes a no-holds-barred approach to current events, pop culture, social issues and more.

With years of media experience both on camera and off, this dynamic duo will bring a refreshing twist to radio, offering a sassy, smart and insightful opinion; breaking barriers and broadening minds. “People seem more uptight these days. Kim and I not only talk about those issues that get people fired up but also remind listeners that life doesn’t have to be all that serious,” MacDougall said. “If we can open a few minds, entertain listeners and make ‘em laugh week after week, then we’re doing our job right.”

“I think people will be surprised at how ‘a-stereotypical’ Jackie and I both are,” Kim adds. “I am excited to share the other side of my personality that is often hidden behind some of the more serious topics I am usually talking about when in the public eye.”

Broadscast premieres November 28th on Toginet’s brand new Rock Star Radio Network, founded by Craig Duswalt. The brand new online network features top entrepreneur and celebrity talk shows from all over the world. With 3.5 million hits per month and over 175k podcast downloads, is the premiere on-line talk radio production company in the industry.

Produced by Morgan MacDougall Productions, Broadscast airs live Mondays at 12 noon EST on Rock Star Radio Network ( and available via podcast on iTunes.

“Broad Topics. Broad Minds.”

For more information, please visit or


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The Story Pirates Make Dreams Come True

Daily Show host Jon Stewart and I have so much in common. He’s a politically-savvy, wealthy TV star who loves The Story Pirates and I… well, maybe we don’t share that much in common. But I am a huge fan of The Story Pirates, who Jon happens to agree are “crazy entertaining.”

In fact, this past weekend, The Story Pirates (actors who perform stories written by children) spoke to my son in a way no one else ever has, by inviting him to write a story to be performed by their actors. I could sit here and gush about how my son’s life has been changed but the video says it all… and then some.

A huge thanks to The Story Pirates for giving this family an afternoon we will never forget.