A Huge Mistake Many Women Make

Check out this little e-card going around on Facebook and tell me what you think. [I’ll wait.]


Being that this is my blog, I’ll go first, ‘kay?

Equality and respect for women has been quite the hot topic of conversation lately. Women in the workplace is an ongoing online debate… female reproduction has become political fodder… and even the United Nations has announced a plan to combat violence against women. We ladies have made huge strides over the past century and, with hard work and determination, we can continue to blaze a trail for the future of our daughters and granddaughters.

But ladies… we will never, ever, ever get where we need to be if we continue to spread stupid, male-bashing “jokes” like the one above. It’s one thing to perpetuate stereotypes among the sexes (however sophomoric), but to laugh over violence against men when we’re fighting so hard to stop abuse of women? That’s a dangerous double standard.

Read the above card again and reverse the role of male and female. Tell me, does that feel right to you?

Weiner and Edwards and Arnold – Oh My!

Imagine you discovered the perfect political candidate (an oxymoron, I know, but just go with this). This candidate shares your same strong beliefs on education, health care, immigration and foreign policies. You are thrilled that, for the first time, you feel like there’s actually a leader you can believe in, someone who stands up for the people of America and is able to make the tough (sometimes unpopular) decisions required to be successful.

Would you still vote for him if you found out he was a lying, deceiving dawg in real life?

Through the years, I’ve heard people say they don’t care what goes on in the personal lives of politicians. I strongly disagree. In fact, I’m no longer going to vote on candidates based on their public views. Before I fill out my ballot next time, I’m first going to ask myself a few questions.

1. Has he/she (to the best of my knowledge) deceived the closest people in his/her life — repeatedly?

Why? Because if you’re deceitful enough to have an affair with the (housekeeper / documentary producer /  intern), I don’t trust anything you say.

2. Does his/her behavior mirror the behavior of an adult or a 15-year-old hormone-charged teen?

Hey, you ladies on Twitter?

Why? Because if you are seriously dumb enough to publicly post pictures of your package, sending it to easily traceable young

women on Twitter (seriously, he takes that Weiner name seriously), you are certainly not  smart enough to represent anyone publicly. *If you haven’t heard," target="_blank">NY Rep Anthony Weiner finally admitted he sent suggestive photos of himself in his underwear via Twitter, after lying about it since the brief discovery.

Interestingly enough, Weiner had this to say in a recent blog post about Clarence Thomas, “I expected more out of someone who sits on the most distinguished court in the land.” A little hypocritical that he has high expectations of those in powerful places, isn’t it? When I went to leave a comment on his blog, it was (of course) held for approval.

3. Does he/she steal from others to hide his bad behavior?

Why? If you lack integrity — you know, like using campaign funds in order to hide/support your mistress and secret child, you aren’t even worthy enough to be my acquaintance — never mind my choice in a leader.

What is it about politicians that they think they can disregard everyone else and still think they’re equipped to fill a position of power? And where in their lives did they lose ethics and morals — was that the reason they chose the political path or does the political path inspire a life of dishonesty?

If only we had a dumb, pretty female candidate.

How much importance do you put on politician’s personal life?