Love, Marriage and Jazz Hands

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Ten years of marriage. A whole decade. Our tin/aluminum anniversary. Who would have thought Jeff and I would pack so much life into ten short years? Let’s see, we’ve lived in four houses, had three kids, survived six surgeries… we’ve experienced more love, loss and growth than I could have ever imagined. I can’t even think about the next ten without smiling and then breaking into a cold sweat when I think about how things will change over the next decade.

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During our recent Thanksgiving weekend family photo shoot (with the ridiculously talented Renee Bowen Photography), we decided to take a couple of shots to express our feelings about our ten year anniversary. Now your job is to caption it!

Comment by 11:59 pm on Friday, November 30. Our top 5 picks will be shared on Facebook for readers to judge (through Sunday 12/2) and the top vote getter will get a little holiday gift from me (don’t worry, it won’t be tin). Good luck!

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Morgan MacDougall Productions



Kim Goldman and Jackie Morgan MacDougall host the one-hour talk show

LOS ANGELES, CA, November 21, 2011 – Morgan MacDougall Productions and Rock Star Radio Network announce the premiere of Broadscast, an irreverent talk fest that looks at the world and the sometimes-infamous people who make their mark on it.

Hosted by Kim Goldman, two-time NY Times best selling author, public speaker, community leader and victim’s advocate and former TV exec-turned-Web guru, Jackie MacDougall, Broadscast takes a no-holds-barred approach to current events, pop culture, social issues and more.

With years of media experience both on camera and off, this dynamic duo will bring a refreshing twist to radio, offering a sassy, smart and insightful opinion; breaking barriers and broadening minds. “People seem more uptight these days. Kim and I not only talk about those issues that get people fired up but also remind listeners that life doesn’t have to be all that serious,” MacDougall said. “If we can open a few minds, entertain listeners and make ‘em laugh week after week, then we’re doing our job right.”

“I think people will be surprised at how ‘a-stereotypical’ Jackie and I both are,” Kim adds. “I am excited to share the other side of my personality that is often hidden behind some of the more serious topics I am usually talking about when in the public eye.”

Broadscast premieres November 28th on Toginet’s brand new Rock Star Radio Network, founded by Craig Duswalt. The brand new online network features top entrepreneur and celebrity talk shows from all over the world. With 3.5 million hits per month and over 175k podcast downloads, is the premiere on-line talk radio production company in the industry.

Produced by Morgan MacDougall Productions, Broadscast airs live Mondays at 12 noon EST on Rock Star Radio Network ( and available via podcast on iTunes.

“Broad Topics. Broad Minds.”

For more information, please visit or


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The Magic of 11.11.11

11:11 a.m. on 11.11.11

I’m a dreamer. Always have been. As a child, I would lie in my bed at night and let my imagination run wild like tiny movies, each one creating even bigger hopes of what my future would hold. And boy were they creative. You know those silly chick flicks where the guy speeds across town, runs through the airport and stops the girl just as the plane is going to take off? Yeah, I could have written one of those bad movies before I was even old enough to date.

On a separate but related note, I also had a big-time fascination with the number 11. Being the 11th child in my family was just the beggining, I would choose 11 any chance I got, so much so that the number 11 became part of my identity, at least within myself. I would make a wish at 11:11 each day, wear #11 whenever I played sports and can even remember how disappointed (like to an unnatural level) I was as a senior playing high school softball when a teammate grabbed #11 before me and wouldn’t give it up.

So take my over-the-top dreams and the love of those double ones and what you get is a girl who would put more energy (i.e. pressure) into hopes that the number 11 would make her dreams come true. I remember as a 20-something single girl convincing myself that my knight in shining armor would arrive on 11.11, bringing eternal love, affection and babies along with him. Year after year, I would publicly announce how special 11.11 would be, just for me, because that was my number and I knew that something life changing will happen.

Then this year came around. 11.11.11 is a date that will only come around once in our lifetime, it needed to be a day to remember for all eternity, right? While I no longer look at the world the way I did as a young, naive girl, I couldn’t help but hope that something — anything — would happen to make the day just a bit more memorable than the others.

Being Veterans Day, the kids were off from school. The mere chance to have a day free from all the usual chaos of a quick breakfast, getting kids dressed, teeth brushed and the hurried collection of jackets, backpacks and homework folders was quite lovely. For Jeff, not needing to drop Lucy off at preschool and the promise of lighter traffic gave him a few extra minutes to sip coffee with me and toss around some plans — for the day ahead and the immediate future.

With the kids home, there was no chance I was going to get any work done. I resolved to spend the rest of the day running errands, feeding the kids. and attempting a dash of “me” time, translated as a little P90X yoga workout in the privacy of my bedroom while kids played loudly and occasionally asked (see: screamed) to get in and talk to me (see: referee the latest disagreement).

But it was right there, smack-dab-in-the-middle-of getting Lucy’s glasses fixed, taking the kids out to lunch and getting flu shots that the magic of 11.11.11 appeared.

I love my life.

The husband who wants to have coffee with me and looks at me like I’m the prettiest girl in the world… the kids who cry when offered special time because they don’t want to be without each other… the ability to work on projects I love while having the time and flexibility to juggle activities, homework, behavioral aids, etc. — I’m actually living the life my 20-something self could only dream of. Because happiness is not about grand gestures and over-the-top moments, it’s about being with those you love and loving the life you’re living.

A magical realization that came to me on 11.11.11.

His Father’s Day Secret

Every May, when Mother’s Day rolls around, there’s no shortage in conversations about what moms really want. Whether it’s breakfast in bed, diamonds and pearls, a pedicure or just a moment’s peace… women seem to be pretty vocal about their preferences and expectations.

But this isn’t about them.

A month later, Fathers Day arrives and it’s the guys’ turn. This is when the rest of us tune in to our telepathy and try to truly understand what the heck dads really want. If we believed every newspaper circular, Kohls commercial or Internet pop up ad, the Father’s Day dream is to receive an ugly tie, polo shirt/khakis combo or something out of the complete-waste-of-money department in the Sharper Image catalog. That can’t be right.

This year, I think I stumbled upon man’s ultimate gift. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this one’s gonna sting, ladies.

He wants you to back the heck off.

How did I reach this life-changing epiphany? Facebook, of course. In a recent status update, I asked my dad-friends, “What do you REALLY want for Father’s Day?”

Almost immediately, an answer was posted… by a mom. Within minutes, the comments were flowing and gift ideas (cough: sex) were flying.

But what was most interesting was that out of all of the conversation participants, only one of the comments was actually from a DAD. (Poor Lee didn’t know what hit him.) The rest were moms and one child-free guy having a good time at poor Dad’s expense.

It was kind of a light bulb moment for me.

Could it be that guys are actually telling us what they want but we don’t shut up long enough to hear it? I mean, it makes sense – sort of. Between planning the social calendar and keeping track of endless activities and appointments, women generally assume the role of taking control of it all, often leaving the men lost in the shuffle. I can’t begin to count how many weekends I’ve planned and organized (color-coded spreadsheet, anyone?) where Jeff is just expected to go along for the ride with no time to ask questions or voice an opinion.

Funny, I’ve asked my husband several times what he wants for Father’s Day, yet have completely disregarded the answer. I guess because I’m a fan of the grand gestures, I assumed his request for a simple day couldn’t possibly be what he really wants. But that’s completely unfair to him.

So this year, my husband will receive from me, a very important body part  — my ears. I will hear what he’s saying and spend the day however he wants. I’ll slow down, trade in the multi-tasking for a Sunday drive, and won’t even think about mentioning the pool and garage that need to be cleaned (sorry, couldn’t help myself). I will ignore responsibility, free us all of social obligations and live carefree — in the moment.

For you, honey, I will spend this Father’s Day living like a man. xo

Guys, what do you really want this Father’s Day?