Reader Dilemma: What Do I Say…

file0002081091934This question came in from a reader (we’ll call her Lisa).

As I was picking up my son recently from a friend’s birthday party,  his mom stopped me and kindly invited me to her church group meeting sometime. I thanked her and kind of brushed it off and left with my son.

When I ran into her again a short time after, she quickly crossed the room to ask if my whole family wanted to join them for church services. We’re not religious people and don’t want to go to their church, but I don’t want to be rude or hurt her feelings.

My advice? I told Lisa that she should be honest and explain that her family attends the church of the NFL on Sundays from September-February (of course I’m kidding). But seriously, I think a polite “We’re not really church goers but appreciate the invitation” would be the best way to go. Of course she could always accept and give it a try but doesn’t that open up the gates to more invitations and pressure?

How would you tell Lisa to handle the situation?

"Did God Make Himself?"

Do fish sleep?

Do bees have mouths?

These are just two questions that have sent me right to Google, having no clue what the right answer was. But some questions defy a search engine. Take last night’s philosophical table discussion…

“Did God Make Himself?”

There’s nothing like being stumped by a six year old. I asked him to let me think about it and then came back to him with what I thought was our family’s best answer. I’ll reveal that answer in a bit but I want to know…

What would you have said? Comment below but PLEASE keep it respectful. I love different views and encourage you to express them but won’t tolerate nasty comments on others’ views.