Rolling Stone Cover: Take 2

I don’t know one person who thinks it’s okay for Rolling Stone to have featured that sad excuse for a human being on its cover. As I said this morning On Air with Ryan Seacrest, if Rolling Stone felt it necessary to show him (yes, I refuse to even give him power by mentioning him by name) on the cover, why not show him as the coward he is, hiding out in a parked boat in someone’s backyard? Or taken down by the brave, unstoppable force who moved in and took him into custody?

But an even better idea is to show the real strength in human beings… the heroes behind the terror that paralyzed a city. It’s the victims who have died and suffered, the family and friends who stand beside them, and the community of open arms and kind hearts who are not only still healing, but will forever be changed. THESE people (and so many more) are the worthy ones.

Let’s no longer share the hate and negativity featured on Rolling Stone’s cover but instead share the courage and strength of these inspiring people.
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5 Ways to Leap Out of Your Comfort Zone

How embracing your inner wild child and facing your fears can make you a happier person.

Turning 40 can be a pretty significant milestone for many. At the very least, it can spark a change of attitude… at most, it’s caused some people to completely shake up their lives (not always for the better).

For me, 40 is the beginning of a new era. If I stop and compare my  life to one of those auto racing video games, turning 40 (which I did exactly two months ago) is where I cruise into “extended play.” Because I truly never  expected to make it here,  and will admit I haven’t exactly planned for future laps around the track. (Click here for my personal story)

Have you ever noticed you take extended play a little less seriously, take more risks and don’t worry so much about every mistake? What would it take for you to live like that? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone, try a few new things and experience life in a new way? Jackie goes boudoir…