Date Night: What Is There to Do?

That’s right people, here it is — my very first VLOG post. Check it out and please leave a comment. Let me know, what the heck do you do on date night?

P.S. This is also my very first post done entirely on my iPhone in the car. Technology rules!


The Story Pirates Make Dreams Come True

Daily Show host Jon Stewart and I have so much in common. He’s a politically-savvy, wealthy TV star who loves The Story Pirates and I… well, maybe we don’t share that much in common. But I am a huge fan of The Story Pirates, who Jon happens to agree are “crazy entertaining.”

In fact, this past weekend, The Story Pirates (actors who perform stories written by children) spoke to my son in a way no one else ever has, by inviting him to write a story to be performed by their actors. I could sit here and gush about how my son’s life has been changed but the video says it all… and then some.

A huge thanks to The Story Pirates for giving this family an afternoon we will never forget.


How Far Would You Go to Embarrass Your Kid?

Dad dons a different costume every day to wave to his son’s school bus.

If embarrassing your kids were a sport, this guy has won the Superbowl and is off to Disneyland. It’s bad enough when a parent refuses to drop kids off two blocks from school (Moooom, you’re so embarrassing – please don’t drive up!)… but can you imagine pulling a stunt like this, dressing up daily in costume to wave at the bus? (P.S. Along with an ample amount of creativity, this guy has a lot of time on his hands)

QUESTION: Do you think it’s funny / okay to purposely embarrass your kids? What have you done to turn your tyke or teen’s face red?


Andrew Gold and My Baby Boy

NOTE: This story was originally written to be included in an “Only in LA” post I was working on, but I thought it was appropriate to give it its own space.

It was June of 2005. Jacob was just over a year old and Brady was cooking in my tummy. We had decided to make the leap from the busy side street in Sherman Oaks to a quiet cul de sac in the ‘burbs. The funny thing about living in Los Angeles, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll run into someone famous, semi-famous or someone who wants you to know they have met someone famous.

A couple came in to see the house one day. He was a scruffy dude and she was one of those women who radiated happiness. I’m not sure how it came out, but I discovered that he was Andrew Gold, the singer/songwriter from the ’70s who wrote tunes like Lonely Boy and Thank You for Being a Friend (best known as the Golden Girls theme). While other 34 year old women may not find that remotely interesting, I have ten older siblings — making me quite familiar with all things ’70s pop culture. Andrew wasn’t one of those artists that hid from the past, in fact, he embraced it and was thrilled when I told him that it was just months prior that I was dancing with Jacob and singing “Lonely Boy” along with the satellite ’70s station — a moment I remember so vividly (it was magic in calming him). I also had fond memories of singing his other popular song during senior week with my college friends, another time in my life I was experiencing a milestone.

Andrew and his wife stood in my kitchen for a while, as he reminisced about the glory days — sharing about his experience on Saturday Night Live. I really enjoyed hearing him talk and watching him interact with his wife, who he so clearly adored.

Andrew Gold died of a heart attack on June 3, 2011. May he rest in peace.